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Anonymous Recruitment  

What is anonymous recruitment?  

Anonymous recruitment (sometimes known as blind recruitment) is the process of removing identifiable characteristics (for example, name, age, gender, or ethnicity) from a candidate’s application. These characteristics do not pertain to the job itself or the qualifications or experience necessary for success in the role. 

What is the purpose of anonymous recruitment? 

Anonymous recruitment practices contribute to a fair hiring process where bias is reduced. This helps employers identify the best possible candidates to hire. Removing irrelevant details allows recruiters to focus on evaluating which candidates possess the skills and attributes required for the role. 

How do you make the recruitment process anonymous? 

To make the recruitment process anonymous, first provide training to members of human resources and hiring managers on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and how to reduce bias. Also provide training on how to create and ask questions about candidate skills, knowledge, and behaviour.  

Before you post the job, assign a candidate anonymizer. As applications come in, the candidate anonymizer removes identifiable information like age, name, address, and names of educational institutions. They assign a number to each applicant, saving this information in a password-protected file. Once applications have been screened, the candidate anonymizer contacts the selected applicants to set up screening interviews and assessments. If you’re using any skills assessments, be sure to anonymize these as well and evaluate the results against predetermined criteria.  

Once HR and the hiring manager have conducted the first round of interviews, the anonymizer is no longer needed.

What is a candidate anonymizer? 

A candidate anonymizer is a person responsible for removing identifiable characteristics from applications before they are reviewed by the employer. They are not involved in making or influencing hiring decisions and must not pose a conflict of interest. 

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