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Transform your people practices and
drive organizational results by
connecting goals, updates, reviews,
feedback, wellness, and development
in one easy-to-use solution.

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Bring goals and
progress to life

Turn your strategic plan into achievable results with transparent team and people goals that track progress, provide real-time updates, enable collaboration with stakeholders, and celebrate achievements.

With fully customizable settings, you can enable instant notifications so that your managers can address roadblocks as they happen, allowing your people and teams to stay on track and focus on what’s important.

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Focus on productive
conversations that
enable success

Use recurring check-ins to arm your managers with the information they need to support employee results. Our check-ins are fully customizable with reusable templates that track how employees are doing and feeling, providing comprehensive updates on employee productivity, wellbeing, and energy.

Employee meetings become a breeze. From a quick setup that integrates directly with calendars to collaborative agendas and actions items that are fully integrated with employee goals, progress updates, and feedback, our solution makes meetings actionable and effective for everyone!

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People management
that everyone will
love. Really!

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performance reviews
that make a difference

With our fully connected system, performance headaches of the past are no more. Set your performance review frequency (annual, semi-annual, custom, or nonrecurring), customize your questions or use a template, enable self-assessments, and watch the system populate with goal performance results, employee sentiment trends, and valuable feedback.

Backed by evidence-based results, our solution allows you to focus on outcomes, future growth, and development opportunities. With our fully connected platform, immediately assign training to start skill enhancements and employee growth.

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Ignite your culture
with feedback

Regardless of whether you operate in a distributed workforce or are all onsite, sometimes wins and individual appreciation can get lost in the shuffle. Bring your company and teams together with our unparalleled feedback tool. The feedback channel was built to share wins, goal achievements, and appreciation across the entire company. With the ability to like, love, celebrate, and comment on posts, everyone can connect and celebrate company, team, and individual successes.

Want to provide constructive feedback individually? Our tool lets you determine the type of feedback and how it is shared.

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performance metrics

Employee performance should never be a surprise or a secret. With our one-of-a-kind performance snapshots, employees and managers can view performance metrics anytime.

Employee can view their own metrics to see their goal achievements, trends on productivity, wellbeing, and energy to help them focus on their own results. Managers can look at individual or team performance metrics to help them identify and address trends to drive overall team health and results.

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