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Take your training to the next level with customized LMS software built for every employee across all industries.

Access hundreds of unique training courses

Our LMS software gives you access to our full library of hundreds of employee training courses through our engaging e-learning platform. Assign as many courses to as many employees as you like from the moment you sign up. Our LMS platform lets you deliver training to all employees across a wide range of areas so you can integrate learning and evolve your business. With over 240 courses (and counting) in our catalogue, you can be confident you’re getting the right LMS to suit you.

Customize our LMS as your own

Use your organization’s logo and colours to provide a personalized feel to our training certificates. Through our HR Services, we can upload and host custom, brand-aligned courses you have created to reflect your specific needs. Let us help you drive excellence!

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Award certificates, set grades, and monitor scores

Keeping electronic records means you can find HR documentation whenever you need it. Store them online so you can access them anywhere. Customize certificates with your organization’s logo and colours for a personal touch!

Training on the go

With our responsive platform, there’s no need for employees to complete training from a desktop. Provide your team autonomy and allow them to take courses on their cell phones or a personal laptop-whenever and wherever they feel comfortable.

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