Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of HR Downloads
Inc. (“HRdownloads”). This document
explains HRdownloads’ policy for the
collection, use, and disclosure of personal
information. HRdownloads abides by
applicable privacy legislation.

Privacy Policy

Last updated: February 14, 2024

  • 1. Introduction

    This is the privacy policy of HR Downloads Inc. (“HRdownloads”). This document explains HRdownloads’ policy for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information. HRdownloads abides by applicable privacy legislation.

    HRdownloads provides services for its customers human resources needs.

    This privacy policy forms part of the HRdownloads Terms of Use.

  • 2. The information HRdownloads collects

    HRdownloads collects information by various methods, mostly by information actively provided by its customers. HRdownloads’ services contain personal information about customer employees that is placed there by its customers.

    The types of personal information HRdownloads collects include contact and payment information and customer employee human resources information. The services may collect information like IP addresses of users. HRdownloads’ website may track user information like IP address, browser and computer information, pages users visit, and, if users came via link from another site, the address of that site. HRdownloads may record calls to or from its employees for purposes of accuracy, performance reviews, and training.

  • 3. How HRdownloads uses this information

    This information is used to provide HRdownloads’ services.

    Website tracking is used to provide a better web experience and provide HRdownloads with information about the use of its website.

    HRdownloads may use aggregate or anonymous information, which will not be linked to identified individuals, for various other uses for itself and third parties.

  • 4. Whom HRdownloads shares this information with

    HRdownloads does not share personal information with any third parties except as disclosed in this policy. HRdownloads may provide personal information to its consultants, subcontractors, and professional advisors (who shall be bound by privacy obligations) to assist HRdownloads’ uses disclosed herein.

  • 5. Security

    HRdownloads takes every reasonable, proportionate and commercially viable precaution to protect personal and commercial data. These are organisational, technical, and physical measures to protect against unlawful or accidental access, disclosure, loss, or alteration.

  • 6. Accessing information

    Individuals who have user accounts because their employers are customers of HRdownloads may see and amend certain information by logging on to their account.

    Individuals may otherwise review their personal information contained in HRdownloads files by contacting their employer. Individuals may also contact the HRdownloads privacy officer, keeping in mind that to some extent information about the employee is subject to their own employer’s policies. If an individual believes that any of their personal information is inaccurate, we will make appropriate corrections.

  • 7. Sub- processors we use

    HRdownloads uses a number of sub-processors to carry out certain activities with regards to the data it holds – all are subject to agreements with HRdownloads. These sub-processors process data on our behalf but do not have access to it. See below a list of all sub-processors, how we use their services and the country the data is processed in.

    AWS Cloud service provider Business User data and End Customer data Canada
    Microsoft Office 365 Client service using client provided email addresses Information included in the queries raised by the clients United States
    Salesforce Customer relationship management platform Business User data United States
    LeanData Revenue orchestration platform for marketing Business User data in Salesforce United States
    Hubspot Marketing automation and analytics, monitoring website activity and as a communications tool Personal information including first name, last name, email address, phone number for users who are the primary account or opportunity contact(s) and associated personalized and relevant contact communication. United States
    DealHub Configure, price, quote platform to generate and manage contracts with clients and prospects First name, last name, title, business email.  A client’s billing information such as contact phone number and billing address is also collected and stored. United States
    Stripe Payment processor Payment details of customer representative (including credit card number, full name on the credit card, expiry date and CVV), email of customer representative, address of place of employment, telephone number of customer representative. United States
  • 8. Changes to the Privacy

    HRdownloads may amend this policy from time to time by posting an updated version on its website. If such amendments affect how HRdownloads uses or discloses personal information already held by HRdownloads in a material way, HRdownloads will obtain consent.

    This policy was last updated on February 14, 2024.

  • 9. General

    Notwithstanding the general terms of this policy, the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information may be made outside of the terms herein to the extent provided for in any applicable privacy or other legislation in effect from time to time, or pursuant to court orders.

  • 10. Contact us

    For more information on HRdownloads and privacy, please contact HRdownloads’ privacy officer at:

    HR Downloads Inc.

    727 Exeter Rd
    London, ON
    Canada N6E 1L3