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Explore our wide range of employee training courses covering a range of job duties, industries, and jurisdictions.

Workplace training designed for everyone

Our library is packed with hundreds of employee training courses for everyone, from new hires to business owners. Our range of training courses covers various industries and sectors, from health and safety to cybersecurity. We’re on hand to help you meet your obligations with a range of workplace training course offerings, including:

  • WHMIS Training
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • AODA Customer Service
  • Understanding Human Rights

Support your workforce with bespoke employee training programs

From animated scenarios to efficient fact-based presentations, our different employee training formats give you the option to support your workforce’s development the way they best learn.

Find out how Citation Canada can help you stay compliant

Employee Training to Meet Compliance Requirements

Our expert consultants can guide you through a review of your business, helping you to choose the right HR course for your business. We can recommend courses to meet compliance requirements, organizational goals and fill performance gaps.

Effective Content in Just a Few Clicks

Our employee training courses are designed to help all those who undergo training to understand complex topics easily. We give learners the tools to handle any situation that arises in a way that keeps them (and your company) protected. Discover our huge library of content for HR.

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