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Health and Safety Program Support

Navigating health and safety legislative obligations can be overwhelming, but you’re not alone. Our consultants are here to help you with any HR project, from training to guidance for your health and safety programs.


Solve Health and Safety Problems with Trusted, Live Support

If you’re encountering health and safety issues or just need a word of advice, count on our team of experts and their decades of experience. Speak to our team of advisors for trusted advice. We can help you make the right decisions with confidence.


HRdownloads does an excellent job of keeping legislative training up to date. At Home Hardware, we can be confident that our team members are receiving the most up-to-date training.

Laura Parent | Learning and Development Administrator, Home Hardware

Implement a Prevention Program with Help from Experts

Let our experts guide you in creating effective prevention strategies and programs tailored to your organization. Prioritize worker safety and productivity by saving time on developing prevention programs. Let’s prepare for your future together!


Meet our HR advice team

We don’t hire just anyone; we hire the best! We carefully select seasoned HR experts who love complex challenges. Our team of specialized HR wizards has spent years researching legislation, rolling out organizational changes, responding to people’s challenges, and understanding the nuances of common law and intersecting regulations.

One size never fits all when it comes to people’s needs, and since so few HR questions can simply be googled, we opted to invest in qualified professionals to handle your questions. Learn more about our HR advisors below and get the best advice for your business needs.

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