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The Best Recruitment Strategies to Hire Effectively 

March 12, 2024

Are you wondering how to find the best recruitment strategies to hire effectively? Or how you can leverage the best employee recruitment strategies in order to find the right fit for you? There are many effective recruitment strategies that you can use, and we’re here to share some with you.  

Employee recruitment strategies could mean offering benefits to encourage people to join your company, or changing your traditional recruiting methods in order to open up the talent pool available to you. 

Why are employee recruitment strategies important? 

Don’t underestimate the power of altering or experimenting with employee recruitment strategies. They can bring many benefits to your business, including: 

  • Improving hiring efficiency; 
  • Finding better candidates who suit your business; 
  • Accessing more candidates; 
  • Increasing employee retention; and 
  • Identifying your vacancy requirements so you can target skills. 

Six effective recruiting and hiring strategies 

Here are six employee recruitment strategies that you should consider adopting. 

Offer flexible working 

A major factor in whether an applicant will apply for roles today is whether the job allows for flexible working. This strategy is not possible for all companies, like those that require constant, in-person work, but many jobs can incorporate a lot of flexibility. Flexible work appeals to people for many reasons: it can make caregiving responsibilities easier, it can improve work–life balance by reducing commute times, it can make life easier for persons with disabilities, and so much more. Offering full-time remote work also means you can expand your candidate pool to include people in a much larger geographic area.  

Develop a clear brand 

Applicants will always look at a company’s reputation, so it’s crucial that you define your brand effectively across your website and any other places or platforms where applicants can find you. Show candidates your organizational strengths, highlighting your company values, aims, and why people might want to work for you. 

Effective interviews 

An interview is usually a candidate’s first professional interaction with a potential employer, so it’s also their opportunity to gain a sense of what it’s like to work for you. Conducting effective interviews where the candidate feels comfortable and stress-free helps associate these feelings with your company. It’s also important to consider other aspects of the candidate, such as their values, rather than solely their education and skills. 

Employee referral programs 

Employee referral programs involve current employees referring qualified candidates for a current vacancy, which usually comes with a reward for the employee as an incentive. There’s a good chance that your trusted employees have like-minded friends and connections who would also fit in well at your company. 

Skills-based recruitment strategies 

This strategy is about recruiting new employees based on the skills that your company requires for a particular role, as opposed to recruiting based predominantly on education. It’s a surefire way to find the right candidate with the right skills. Whether you’re looking for somebody with certain technical skills, personal skills, or a mix of both, the chances are that emphasizing the required skills rather than a specific type of education will help you fill the specific role more effectively.  

Contact previous applicants 

Did you have any strong applicants for similar roles who were a close second or third? Revisit their application and invite them for an interview for the new position if required skills are similar. It’s a brilliant way to potentially add to your talent pool when recruiting for future roles.  

Reach out to graduates 

Recruiting from college can help you to snap up some of the best emerging talents before they enter the job market. Attend career fairs and other events at various colleges to build awareness of your company. Hiring new graduates gives you the perfect opportunity to train and educate them in the areas most important to your business, hopefully resulting in a long and prosperous career with you.  

DEIB recruitment and hiring strategies  

Looking for some DEIB best practices? Here are some ways you can take your DEIB recruitment strategies to the next level. 

Be inclusive in your brand messaging 

We talked about developing a clear brand previously, and the same goes here. Showcase your diversity and commitment to DEIB in your brand messaging across social media, your website, and anywhere else you might be prevalent. Spread the word of your company culture and show that you value everybody. 

Vary your recruitment sources 

You can promote diversity among your applicants by changing your typical sources. If you’re continually recruiting from the same place, then the chances are you’ll get similar applicants. Targeting groups from new sources online and offline increases your odds of having more applicants from all walks of life.  

Consider offering internships to specific groups 

Reach out to specific communities and groups to offer internships at your company. It helps people gain experience in your industry and creates a fantastic pathway for diverse talent to join your team. This DEIB recruitment strategy provides targeted opportunities for candidates from DEIB groups to gain experience in your industry.  

Get recruitment strategy advice from HRdownloads 

These employee recruitment strategies are a great way to improve your hires, and of course, ensure DEIB considerations are also at the forefront of your business.  

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