HRdownloads™ Reinvents Its Platform to Accelerate the Use of HR Tech

November 7, 2017

HRdownloads™ Reinvents Its Platform to Accelerate the Use of HR Tech

(London, ON): As technology has rapidly enhanced most aspects of our personal lives, it has also altered the workplace. Employees and business leaders increasingly value HR activities that keep pace with their flexible and mobile lifestyles. HRdownloads™ has released the newest product in their turnkey HR platform, which offers businesses an alternative to traditional HRIS systems. The latest addition is HRdrive™, a cloud-based HR solution for employee management, which was fully developed in-house, and designed for full integration with HRdownloads’ existing online employee training, online surveys, and policy manual and job description software applications.

HRdrive™ equips organizations with the ability to create, deliver, and manage their HR content using mobile solutions like electronic document delivery, electronic signatures, and on-the-go access for employees to complete HR tasks from any device, anywhere. Adopting these digital HR tools will allow businesses to streamline their HR processes, and improve employee experience by increasing time for employee interactions. HRdrive™ is designed to be user-friendly and easily implemented by any size of business, from micro-businesses all the way up to large enterprises, looking to make the move to paperless and digital HR.

“Canadian workplaces are always evolving, and so are we,” says Anthony Boyle, CEO and President of HRdownloads. “We understand that there often aren’t enough hours in a day for many business leaders and HR professionals, so HRdrive was designed to help streamline HR processes for both managers and employees. We want to help businesses take their HR anywhere, whether that is literally on a commute, at the cottage, or from a home office. We also want to help organizations steer their HR into the strategic direction they wish to go.”

HRdrive™ aims to facilitate participation in HR activities at all levels across an organization. By helping HR administration become more efficient, business leaders and HR professionals can more easily plan, measure, and improve their HR strategies while attracting and retaining top talent.

Key features of HRdrive™ include:

  • Electronic document delivery and signatures
  • Mobile scheduling, task reminders, and data storage
  • Fully customizable employee profiles for easy electronic file management
  • Real-time reporting on areas like employee engagement, turnover, and diversity

About HRdownloads™:
HRdownloads was founded in London, Ontario in 2008, and since then has become a leader in practical human resources solutions for business owners and HR professionals. Today, HRdownloads delivers complete bilingual support in every jurisdiction, across multiple industries, to thousands of Canadian organizations. Through time-saving HR tech solutions, they provide documentation, live HR support, surveys, and online training to streamline HR processes.

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