HRdownloads® launches HRdrive® 3.0, making it easier than ever before to accomplish your HR tasks!

April 22, 2022

London, ON (April 22, 2022) – Canadian HR technology leader HRdownloads® announced today the launch of HRdrive® 3.0 to their clients, helping them to achieve their HR tasks quicker and easier than ever before. This release includes product enhancements that allow users to seamlessly perform mass updates, archive documents and assignments, pre-set workflows, reschedule assignments, store and print completed documents with digital signatures, and more.

“We are driven by our vision and mission to engage employees and empower leaders to love what they do by being the most complete and connected HR solution in Canada,” says Tony Boyle, CEO and Creative Director of HRdownloads. “For us, it isn’t just about providing an HRIS, it is about providing a seamless experience that saves legislative stress, paperwork burdens, and ultimately time! As a Canadian company that supports Canadian businesses, we want the very best for our clients. We want to watch them grow their businesses by investing more time in the activities that matter and less time in HR tasks that can be time consuming. We believe in this so much that HRdrive has always been and continues to be included at no charge with your HRdownloads membership.”

HRdrive was first launched in 2017 and continues to be the only cloud-based HRIS solution to include legally vetted industry and provincially specific HR content within one unified solution. HRdrive provides clients with a safe and secure HRIS platform where they can maintain employee data, add their own content, access HR content developed by experts, and send, report on, and archive HR tasks and assignments—all with a click of a button.

HRdrive 3.0 is now available to all HRdownloads customers through their login.

About HRdownloads®:

Serving more than 20,000 Canadian organizations coast to coast, HRdownloads® is the only Canadian HR software built by Canadians for Canadians. HRdownloads® is built on the belief that HR is essential to the growth of any organization. Since 2008, we’ve provided unlimited solutions to the unlimited number of tasks that HR creates so that businesses can get back to what they love and do best. HRdownloads is trusted by our Canadian partners including Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association, Royal LePage, BGC Canada, YMCA, and many more. With customers in every province and territory, our goal is to engage employees and empower leaders to love what they do! To find out more, visit or follow us @HRdownloads on social media.

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