Workplace Culture

Why Your Workplace Needs a Quiet Room

July 31, 2019

Workplaces can be loud and chaotic, sometimes too much so. Quiet rooms are a rising trend employers are implementing to help alleviate some of this chaos and give employees a reprieve from their noisy surroundings. These are different than boardrooms, which offer space for more collaborative work. Quiet rooms can be used for a number of reasons and can help employees take a moment to refresh when a busy day gets to be too overwhelming.

The concept of providing a quiet room in the workplace may seem simple, but there is some confusion surrounding the topic because there is no single definition of what a quiet room is or the purpose that it serves. This ambiguity is something of the point, though: a quiet room can be flexible and may be adapted to meet the needs of your organization. It is also important to know that quiet rooms are easy to implement and likely have little to no cost to the company; all you really need is a designated space or room.

Whether you work in a factory, open-concept office, a cubicle farm, or warehouse, there are distractions that keep your employees from being fully productive and engaged. Many employees are at their best when they have an undisturbed place to work, or somewhere to get away from work completely to have a meaningful break. But where in your organization could they go? If you can’t think of a space, it might be time to designate an area.

Quiet rooms can also support a diverse workforce by accommodating different religious, medical, or sensory needs. Ultimately, a quiet room can serve multiple functions and can be adapted to align with any workforce changes companies experience.

To give you an idea of the endless possibilities, we’ve identified some of the common functionalities that a quiet room can have, and how to go about making one for your staff. Download our FREE Guide to Creating a Quiet Space for Employees, which discusses common uses of quiet rooms and some tips on how to implement one in your workplace.

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