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When It Comes to HR Trends, One Size Doesn’t Fit All

January 17, 2023

It isn’t always easy keeping up with the latest HR trends or knowing whether you should implement them. Many businesses find change to be scary, but if you want your organization to innovate and grow, you need to learn how to approach trends in a thoughtful way.

What’s trending in HR

Recent changes in HR practices have been making headlines, for better and worse. For example, Canada’s federal government reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic by introducing an amendment to the Canada Labour Code that grants employees in federally regulated workplaces access to 10 paid sick days. Employees no longer have to choose between paying their bills and prioritizing their health. On the other end, some companies are getting heat in the press for overwhelming their employees with strict return-to-work orders.

As we look to the future, it’s clear there is a competitive market for top talent. Implementing desirable employee benefits and work arrangements is becoming crucial for recruitment.

To stay competitive and ensure the wellbeing of their workers, employers should also continue to reinforce diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) standards and adjust policies and practices to create a safe and positive work environment for all employees. Neglecting to make changes may be seen as problematic inaction or even complicity. In these cases, decisions need to be made quickly, but they also must be made thoughtfully.

HR practices are constantly evolving. Here are a few other trends to keep an eye out for:

While these are just a small sample of some of the latest HR trends, there’s one thing they all have in common: to implement any of these practices, organizations need to use a personalized approach.

How to find the perfect fit

If you scroll through the headlines, you’ll see that HR trends that may work for one company can receive a completely different reaction when adopted by another. When it’s time for change, you may be tempted to shop for the trendiest items in HR, but remember that a perfect fit is more important than embracing a momentary trend. An item may look good on the hanger, but sometimes it’s best to leave it for someone else.

So how do you know which trending HR practices to adopt? It’s important to consider your company values, employee mentality, and feasibility.

Here are our four steps to finding the perfect fit when it comes to trending HR practices:

  1. Find your style
  2. Discover what’s trending with employees
  3. Assess for longevity and feasibility
  4. Clearly communicate your plan

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