Workplace Culture

When Fun Goes Out of Fashion: Tailoring Your Workplace Culture

August 30, 2017

Just like fashion, workplace trends come and go. Not every clothing fad matches your personal style, and the latest strategy in employee engagement might not be the right fit for your organization, either. In recent years, inventive business models have transformed the workplace. From hangout rooms and on-site fitness classes to laughter yoga and office games, innovative organizations are lowering office walls while raising employee morale and productivity. Although studies show that a commitment to employee engagement boosts collaboration, fights employee attrition, and improves communication overall, we have also heard about trendy companies where the good times went out faster than you can say “acid-wash jeans.”

Given such contradictions, you might worry that introducing a work culture focused on fun could lead staff to engage in more unprofessional behaviours, blur the distinction between management and employees, distract from daily tasks, or lead to insubordination. If workplace fun crosses the line without policies in place to guide behaviour, the very strategies meant to build your team might put your organization at risk for legal action, and make your employees subject to discipline or termination. Just as tailoring is crucial when buying a new jacket, customization is important when implementing a new engagement strategy.

You likely wouldn’t wear gym shorts to a job interview; likewise, you’ll want to select the right time and place to bring some fun into your workplace. By performing an initial assessment and gathering regular feedback from employees, in addition to crafting informed policies that mitigate risk, you’ll be able to implement engagement strategies tailor-made for your organization. While the latest vogue in workplace culture might be fleeting, happy employees are always in fashion. Do you want a couture office culture that incorporates fun but “fits” your organization?  Download your FREE guide now!

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