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Thank You for Your Participation: What to do with Employee Feedback Survey Results

November 27, 2022

What to do with employee feedback survey results: 4 tips for employers

Your organization has implemented an employee feedback survey and now the results are in. So, what comes next?

Employee feedback can give you valuable insight into different areas of your organization, like company culture, employee satisfaction, wellbeing, and more. You’re probably eager to dive into the results, and we’ll get to those soon! But there are some important steps you should take once the survey closes. Before you begin analysing the results, here are four quick tips to keep in mind.

1. Be timely.

As soon as the survey closes, outline the next steps and timeline for completion. This lets employees know when they can expect to see changes. Analyse the feedback and act on it in a timely manner. If you take too long to respond or keep employees out of the loop, they may think that nothing is being done about their feedback.

2. Reciprocate the effort.

Completing feedback surveys takes time and effort. Your employees reflect and share their thoughts with the expectation that participating in the survey will result in meaningful organizational change.

Show employees that their input is important by gathering their feedback, acknowledging it, and then determining what changes to put into place in a timely manner. This makes employees feel heard and valued which goes a long way in retaining top talent.

3. Don’t ignore feedback.

As you analyse the results, you may come across employee requests that simply are not feasible to implement. Even when your organization cannot act on feedback, it still needs to be acknowledged.

If requests are impossible to grant, it’s important to show that the feedback is valued and was considered. When employee feedback is unacknowledged or not acted on, employees can feel unheard, become disengaged, and may even leave the organization.

4. Have a plan.

When it comes to analysing and responding to employee feedback, you should approach it with a thoughtful mindset and careful planning. With an effective plan in place, you can maximize the value of your employee feedback survey and enact change that truly makes employees feel heard.

Your step-by-step guide to responding to employee feedback 

With those tips in mind, you’re ready to get started! Here are our recommended steps to take after your employee feedback survey closes:

  1. Thank employees for participating and outline next steps.
  2. Review and analyse the results.
  3. Identify and plan out key initiatives.
  4. Share the results with employees and implement changes.