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Rough Waters Ahead? What to Do When Your Employees Are Ready to Jump Ship

January 13, 2021

When the country is experiencing record high unemployment and layoffs due to the pandemic, it’s unsettling to hear that nearly half of employees still want to quit their jobs despite the economic downturn.

A recent survey from Hays reported that 49 percent of employees are seriously considering leaving their current role. The main reasons cited include compensation, lack of growth opportunity, and company benefits; however, a deeper look reveals that how the company has acted and responded (or failed to respond) to employee concerns during the pandemic has also influenced employees to leave their jobs.

The year has been unpredictable, and employers and employees alike have been put to the test with challenges from recurring closures, layoffs, new health and safety measures, changing business models, remote work, and pervasive mental health struggles.

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It’s easy for employers to shift the blame to issues stemming from the pandemic, but it’s more likely that the pandemic has revealed or worsened pre-existing issues than created new problems. The pandemic didn’t introduce weaknesses as much as it exposed them, acting as a crutch to justify existing inadequacies within the organization.

How leaders respond in these times is critical in retaining employees, but if employers are inept at recognizing and addressing their employees’ primary concerns during such a critical time, it is likely that the consequences will result in even more employees jumping ship. Download our FREE Guide to Retaining Employees Through Challenging Times for recommendations on addressing your employees’ biggest concerns before they sail away to another job.

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