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How to Improve Environmental Sustainability in the Workplace

April 22, 2024

Sustainability in the workplace 

Environmental sustainability in the workplace is a growing trend and wise strategy for any organization. Every April 22, the world observes Earth Day and reflects on the importance of protecting our planet. Although workplace habits can contribute to excessive energy consumption, paper waste, and air pollution, there are small daily practices that can make a significant difference. Below, we outline simple eco-friendly tips you can implement at work. If you work remotely, consider ways to incorporate these tips at home. 

Benefits of sustainability in the workplace 

  • Going green helps build environmental sustainability in the workplace and benefits employee wellbeing and overall company culture. 
  • Showing a commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives can be a strategy to attract and retain top talent. 
  • Small daily efforts can make a big difference. 

How to be more environmentally sustainable in the workplace 

Reduce waste 

  • Replace plastic or paper cups with reusable water bottles and mugs; 
  • Pack a zero-waste lunch in a reusable container; 
  • Recycle and dispose of other waste responsibly; and 
  • Skip individually wrapped snacks and buy unpackaged foods in bulk. 

Conserve energy 

  • Optimize natural light and only use overhead lights when necessary; 
  • Turn off lights and electronics at the end of each workday; 
  • Program your computer to go into standby mode when not in use, and 
  • Invest in plants to purify the air. 

Consider paper consumption 

  • Practise sustainable printing habits like printing double-sided; and 
  • Use recycled paper products. 

Shrink your carbon footprint 

  • Consider carpooling, taking public transit, biking, or walking to work. 

Get involved 

  • Observe Earth Hour and Earth Day; 
  • Participate in a workplace “green team;” and 
  • Start a recycling or composting program. 

How to promote sustainability in the workplace 

  • Create and implement a workplace Environmental Sustainability Responsibility Policy; and 
  • Use Earth Day and other environmental awareness days to communicate your organization’s Statement of Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility Memo and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Measures Memo to workers. 

What is sustainability in the workplace? 

Going green helps our environment and benefits employee wellbeing and workplace culture. With candidates gravitating towards employers who show a commitment to ESG initiatives, it can also be a recruitment and retention strategy. Implementing green initiatives in the workplace helps build an environmentally sustainable culture that helps the earth and your business. As an HR practitioner, you can have a big influence on an organization’s culture. 

Need help with practising environmental sustainability in the workplace? 

Are you concerned you don’t have the time or capacity to create and implement these initiatives at your organization? Our HR experts can help. Our clients can develop an ESG framework and the policies that accompany it in moments. Request a free demo to see our award-winning HR software, HR content, or online training courses at a time that fits your schedule. We’re here for our clients when they need us, not the other way around!