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3 HR Dos and Don’ts to Improve Your Performance  

October 24, 2023

If you’re an HR professional, more than likely you have too many things on the go. According to The Changing Face of HR report, 95% of HR and C-suite executive respondents said HR is too much work, and 92% said their workload is a top challenge for 2024. With all the work on your plate, you may be tempted to cut corners or rush through processes. But it’s a risky move. Every aspect of HR, from hiring to terminating, requires care and attention. Not applying a high level of professionalism and attention to detail can lead to costly mistakes. Here are a few HR dos and don’ts to help you stay compliant while juggling an ever-growing to-do list.  

Mistake 1: Poor Communication 

If you fail to communicate key details or changes to all the necessary parties, you may encounter misunderstandings or even more disastrous results. Instead, keep policies up to date and send timely memos to help keep everyone on the same page about important legislative and organizational changes.  

Mistake 2: Lack of Documentation 

In HR, documentation is everything. Forgetting to document important information may result in legal disputes. You could even face a wrongful dismissal suit if you have no documented evidence to back up your decision to terminate an employee. Keeping proper documentation ensures you are doing your due diligence, holds all parties accountable, and can help support your claim in an investigation or legal proceeding.  

Mistake 3: Neglecting Employee Complaints 

It is your job to effectively respond to employee concerns. If you become aware of a conflict among employees but dismiss the issue because you’re busy, things could escalate to the point where your workplace becomes toxic or even unsafe. Be sure to instead work actively to investigate issues and resolve conflicts as soon as possible in order to prevent large problems from forming.  

Taking the time to follow processes and procedures helps protect the safety and wellbeing of your employees, allows for greater objectivity, and keeps you legally compliant. Mistakes happen, but you can build a culture of growth by learning from failure and improving your performance in the future. Download our FREE Guide to Avoiding Common HR Mistakes to learn about more HR dos and don’ts and how to avoid costly repercussions.