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Whether you are planning for HR activities or reacting to an unexpected personnel issue, unlimited on-demand phone support by a team of tenured HR professionals can help you with any HR question, big or small.

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Unlimited Calls

With no limits to the number of calls you can make, never hesitate to ask us anything HR!

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Collaborative solutions

We’re here to answer all your questions, big or small. Our team of senior HR advisors will work with you to come up with solutions that fit the situation and your work environment.

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Experienced Advisors

With backgrounds in different industries, some working in HR roles for more than a decade, our advisors have the experience to help you through your toughest challenges.

Reasons you might call

  1. I am considering terminating an employee. Where do I start? What steps do I need to take? What documentation do I need?
  2. Can I terminate an employee for cause?
  3. What is the difference between a layoff and a termination?
  4. Do I have to pay severance when I terminate an employee?
  5. If an employee stops coming to work partway through their notice period, do I still have to pay the rest of their notice?
  6. What should I do if an employee refuses to sign a full and final release?
  7. Do I have to provide a termination letter if the employee is still in their probationary period?
  8. Does it count as a termination if an employee on a fixed-term contract completes that term?
  9. Can I offer to provide a reference letter in exchange for a final release signature?
  10. What are the common-law entitlements for a termination package?

  1. What is undue hardship? How does it relate to accommodation?
  2. What are my responsibilities for accommodation and a return-to-work plan if an employee has been absent due to a disability?
  3. Do I have to accommodate an employee for recreational or medical cannabis use?
  4. What kinds of evidence can I ask for when an employee requests an accommodation?
  5. What should I do if I can’t accommodate an employee because of undue hardship?
  6. What can I do if I suspect an employee is abusing the accommodation process?
  7. What happens if I request a doctor’s note and an employee is unwilling to provide one?
  8. Do I have to pay for any doctor’s notes or other documentation I request from a doctor?
  9. What should I do if someone is absent for long-term disability and their position is no longer needed?
  10. What can I do if I offer a reasonable accommodation and the employee refuses it?

  1. What steps must I take if an employee is injured on the job?
  2. What are my employees’ basic health and safety rights?
  3. Do I still have to provide WHMIS training to my employees if they work in an office and aren’t exposed to hazardous substances?
  4. What can I do if an employee isn’t following health and safety protocols in the workplace?
  5. What do I do if no one on staff has first aid certification?
  6. Do I have to document and report all injuries—even minor ones that can be treated with first aid?
  7. What should I look for when conducting a risk or hazard assessment?
  8. Am I liable if an employee is injured on the job?
  9. Do I have to have a health and safety committee?
  10. Do I have to provide personal protective equipment to my employees, or is that something they should pay for themselves?

  1. Do I have to pay part-time employees the same wages as full-time employees?
  2. How do I calculate vacation accrual and pay?
  3. Can I reduce an employee’s pay?
  4. Do I have to provide an annual raise to my employees?
  5. Can I give one employee a raise without giving one to another employee who does the same job?
  6. How do I know whether I’m paying my employees fairly for their position?
  7. What should I know about pay equity? What does it mean? What should I be doing?
  8. How do I develop a compensation strategy?
  9. Do I have to pay employees on protected leaves? Which ones?
  10. Can I give my employees time off instead of paying them for overtime?

  1. How often should I give employees performance reviews?
  2. Can I terminate an employee for cause after the employee failed to complete a performance improvement plan?
  3. How can I get employees to improve their performance if I can’t provide financial rewards?
  4. What should I do if none of my staff can hit their goals or achieve the level of performance I am looking for?
  5. How do I handle an employee who is defensive, argumentative, resentful, or disagrees with their review when receiving feedback or coaching about performance concerns?
  6. Can I terminate an employee for poor performance if I haven’t documented the performance issues?
  7. Can I set different goals for employees in the same role?
  8. What kind of information should I document during performance reviews?
  9. What is the difference between coaching and performance management?
  10. Should I apply the same performance management system to employees and managers, or should I handle managers differently?

  1. Can I retract a job offer if I have second thoughts about a candidate?
  2. What are some red flags to look for when interviewing candidates?
  3. Do I have to create a new job description if an employee is changing positions?
  4. Do I have to tell a recently interviewed candidate that they didn’t get the job?
  5. What can’t I ask for on a résumé or during an interview?
  6. Are there any new recruiting trends I should consider using?
  7. Is it better to fill a position internally than to hire someone outside of the organization?
  8. What should I do if I find out after hiring someone that they lied about their experience?
  9. What should I do if I really want to hire a candidate but they’re missing a few necessary qualifications or skills?
  10. What do I have to do to accommodate people with disabilities during the hiring process?

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