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HR Complete®

Invest in the success of your people and organization with our most comprehensive bundle, where all of our services are integrated and designed to work together.

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Screenshots showing the comprehensive bundle of HR Complete.

Our HR Tools

HR management is a multi-faceted core function in an organization, and it is also a key factor for growth and profit. Stay on top of your HR tasks with HR Complete!
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HR Fundamentals®

Get unlimited access to thousands of HR documents, templates, compliance management resources, HRdirector® articles, and more! Feel supported and stay on top of HR.

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Store our customizable documents or add your own in our best-in-class HRIS. Send assignments, track progress, and maintain employee data all within our platform!

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Online Employee Training

One price gets you unlimited access to over 150 courses developed by HR professionals. Get the required courses you need and soft skills training you want.

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Policy Manual Wizard

Interactive software that generates policy manuals based on your answers to our questions. Spend valuable time on more productive tasks.

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Surveys and Forms

Build and send surveys fast to gather the answers you need. Gather real-time employee or customer feedback to gain valuable insights.

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Job Description Generator

Simply create comprehensive and compliant job descriptions with the help of our templates and ready-made-inserts.

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Live HR Advice

Receive unlimited on-demand phone support from a team of tenured HR professionals who can help you with any HR question, big or small.

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Time and Attendance

Manage time-off requests and employee schedules easily with our flexible and easy-to-use Time and Attendance platform.

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