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The Ministry of Labour randomly ended up on our doorstep on the hottest day in July. With the assistance of HRdownloads, we were prepared with policies and training in Bill 168. If you aren't up to speed yet with Bill 168, call HRd today! MOL could end up on your doorstep tomorrow! Thank you, HRdownloads, for the fantastic product and services you offer! It's like having another Associate in my department!

- Becky Torio, Olsen Europe
HRdownloads is phenomenal. It is an excellent resource for any HR team. I like the Senior Advisors team, they are very helpful and prompt to respond. One of our most valuable HR investments, and you can definitely rely on them to bounce ideas off of. I recommend HRdownloads!

- Deepa Antony - Baybridge Senior Living Inc
Community Living North Perth has been using HRdownloads since February 2010 and have consistently found the site and the customer service very helpful. If there is any new legislative training in Ontario they will make sure that it is ready and available for use. We have compared the cost of this service with other similar providers and find that it is very reasonable and for a small not-for-profit, government funded organization, bottom line is all important and the training components for staff are not sacrificed due to cost.

- Michael Town, Community Living North Perth
As a new Human Resource Manager, I was interested to see HRdownloads in our resource bank. Originally, it was accessed to provide online training to satellite staff across Ontario. However, I have benefited greatly from accessing the advisor support, templates, surveys and articles as part of my professional growth and our ever-evolving HR function. Thank you, HRdownloads for being an amazing resource!

- Katherine Frape - Human Resource Manager, Ontario Women's Native Association
Hr Downloads has been a valuable tool for me in my position as a HR Coordinator. Not only are the Advisory Team knowledgeable in the areas that I encounter, they provide a valuable resource for myself in validating the work that I do. I highly recommend them.

- Christina Commonda - Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg
I have always been satisfied with the HRdownloads suite of products, and consider the tool my "go to" when faced with new policy development, job descriptions, and management tools. I have built my knowledge in the HR field by utilizing the quick and easy access to the library of templates offered through the site; and have always considered membership to be necessary. Chris and his team are always quick to offer a helping hand, and have provided training, guidance and support to the McCain Canada HR team for over 5 years now.

- Shaun McBride, Director of Global HR Services, McCain Foods Ltd.
HR Downloads is an amazing resource. As a fast-growing Canadian software company serving clients around the world we need a wide variety of HR advice and support quickly. With 30+ hires in 2013 and more to come in 2014 our human resource needs are many and varied. HR Downloads Advisors are amazing. They have been with us every step of the way.

- Linda Gayle Ross, Director HR & Organizational Development, Stantive Technology
HR Downloads is phenomenal. It is an excellent resource for any HR team. I like the Sr. Advisors team, they are very helpful and prompt to respond. One of our most valuable HR investments and you can definitely rely on them to bounce ideas off of. I recommend HR Downloads!

- Deepa Antony - Baybridge Senior Living Inc
Always clear, accessible, thorough, forward thinking and always gets to the issue I am trying to figure out. Always an advocate for our business - to help us become better quality. The personable and personal attention must be in your culture because the customer service for me is the best. I know of two businesses that have this culture, you are one of them.

- Karol Rains, Executive Director, Sault Community Career Centre
As busy as most Human Resources departments are, it is the best "tool" we have in our kit. If we're unfamiliar with legislation, need a new job description in a hurry, want the low-down on new or best practices - it's all at our fingertips. A professional is a phone call away. HRdownloads the best HR "assistant" in our department. Thanks - you've made our job easier!

- Jayne Kerr, Manager/Human Resources, Chapman's Ice Cream
I have been very impressed by the easiness and functionality of HRd's online training. Our employees constantly express their excitement about the online training and how accessible it is! The variety of courses has been helpful, with several courses applicable to every employee. We are all eagerly looking forward to each new course, as they are created. Thank you for making training fun and easy.

- Suzanne Inches, HR Generalist, Accuristix
The tools available at HRdownloads are relevant, impressive and completely user friendly. Instead of creating something from scratch, you can easily find a solution to your HR needs here. If you want to save yourself countless hours of research and drafting, this is the website for you.

- Nikki Zinman, Global Vice President, Entertainment One Group
I just wanted to say thank you for all your help recently. Your quick understanding and sensitivity of what I need continues to amaze me. The quick turnaround time is a bonus! You have saved us hundreds of hours of research and wordsmithing in the past few months. Having your group of experts on our team is making such a difference. You are a pleasure to work with and a much valued partner!

- Cathy Fraser, Manager of Community Relations, Niagara Falls Humane Society
HRd is the most cost effective resource I have ever used! The quick turnaround time for document requests makes the service top of mind for each HR need that comes across my desk. The time I have saved in wordsmithing alone has been well worth the cost of an annual membership. Given the affordable price, it makes good sense for any organization to arm their HR department with the tools from HRd.

- Sue Marsh, Activplant Corporation
As a small hospital, at first we weren't sure how much usage we would get out of the HRdownloads program, but after just a few short months, it has become our "go to" HR reference. Not only is it extremely user friendly, but we are very impressed with the quick turnaround time. I would recommend this service to anyone.

- Joanne Pecarskie, St. Francis Memorial Hospital
I did not know much about HRdownloads before I joined, but now I can honestly say that I received excellent support, in a timely manner and accurate information. When my questions were not clear, I received a personal call from one of your experts and we were able to problem solve and developed a customized solution for my particular situation. I will definitely renew my membership.

- Marcel Goulet, Manager of Human Resources, Archdiocese of Toronto
As the HR Manager of a small business the tools and information at HRdownloads have been invaluable. It is the most comprehensive, cost effective resource I have used. HRdownloads' client services are professional and responsive. I receive same day answers to all of my queries. This is resource I use every day.

- Jamie Roach, Manager Human Resource & Office Operations, Davidson de Laplante Insurance Group
To this date, there has not been an easier site to use that offers as much quality information for human resources as HRdownloads. HRdownloads offers up a customer service team that is second to none that is prompt in their replies and knowledgeable and professional enough to answer all your questions.

- Edwin Lang, HR Director, AZ Trading Co. Ltd.
I STRONGLY recommend HRdownloads to all Human Resource professionals. It is a time saving, easy to use source for finding optimal reference material for all your organizational needs.

- Sheila Ficca, HR Manager, Erie Flooring & Wood Products
Our Company has just become a new user of This website is an excellent online tool which will help us save time and energy searching for information on other websites-everything is in one location and ready to use. I look forward to using this excellent HR tool on a go forward basis.

- Suzanne West, Maritime Broadcasting System Limited
I have found HRdownloads to be very useful tool. Information, Forms, and HR Guidelines, that make my job easier, are readily available. It has reduced the need to continually "re-invent the wheel" or spend hours researching for information.

- Ingrid Eves, Director of Human Resources, Cascade Carriers L.P.
We have been using HRdownloads' services for the better part of a year, and have been very pleased with the results! Their information and content is always relevant and up to date, and they are very proactive with the tools developed in alignment with the ever changing legal landscape. Additionally, their advisory team is top notch and very responsive and attentive to our many urgent needs! They are a reliable source of information and provide sound advice. Would highly recommend them.

- Scott Boulton, Human Resources, Manager Fleetway Inc.
I have found HRdownloads to be an invaluable Human Resources service provider for our not-for-profit organization. It has every possible form/job description/policy template that you could imagine. If they don't have the template that you are looking for they will create one for you. The real value that I find with HRdownloads is the fast responsiveness and professionalism of the HR advisory staff. I am very impressed with HRdownloads and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any company.

- Mary Ann Belanger, Human Resources Officer, Congress of Aboriginal Peoples
It has been a long time since I have found such a useful HR product. The variety and quality of the products offered on the HRdownloads site is fantastic. The information is current, user friendly and easily modified to include your own organizational information and issues.

- Laura Ciarniello, CHRP Human Resources Manager, City of Campbell River gives small businesses and Non-profits access to all the resources of a full service Human Resources department and more. Membership is very affordable; customer service is attentive and friendly; and the tools and resources available through the website are varied and easy to use.

- Marsha Goldford, MPA, CHRP Director, Human Resources Community Living BC
Community Living Ontario has been using the HRdownloads services for a couple of years now and have found them very helpful. If we cannot find what we are looking for on the website, we simply contact our account manager and they provide us with whatever we need. We have also compared the cost of this service with other providers and find it is very reasonable.

- Ray Luxon, Director of Finance & Administration, Community Living Ontario
In late 2009 I was quick to agree to renew the service and my contact at HRdownloads explained the full service which includes HR professional support and advice. A quick review of the payments our Association made over the previous year to solicitors and an HR Consultant convinced me to sign us up for the whole HRdownloads package. I would recommend this service to other HR providers.

- Wayne Stinchcombe, V.P. Human Resources, YMCA of Western Ontario
I use HRdownloads on a regular basis. Each template is already made and is easy to adjust and fit your needs. It saves me so much time from researching! Also every time I go on the website there are new up to date policies, and legislation. If you don't feel like re-creating the wheel this website is for you! Thanks HRdownloads for making my job easier!

- Kristen Barnes, Chicopee Ski Club
HRdownloads has proven to be an excellent resource for us that provides access to an extensive HR toolbox and HR specialists that are consistently helpful and respond to our requests in a timely manner. Great value for all HR practitioners - particularly within an environment of limited financial and human resources!

- Christina Semaniuk, Vice-President/Human Resources, Cambrian Credit Union
I find the site really informative and an excellent resource. I also appreciate the personal attention and exceptional customer service. I am happy to recommend you guys to other professionals when I am talking with them.

- Sandra Watt, B.A., M.Sc. Director, HR & Administration, Lutherwood
Dear HRdownloads, Thank you very much, I want to personally commend you and your people on this site. It's organized, well thought out and easy to use. Thus far I am extremely pleased. The customer support is top notch!

- Al Trotz, Safety Officer Miller Equipment LTD.
We are using the policy you wrote and it was exactly what I was looking for. I have been using the site and I have developed new policies surrounding some of your policy forms. You have saved me a lot of work and I am glad that I took your call that day.

- Angela Charpentier, Careers In Transition
HRdownloads is the greatest HR tool that an organization can use. They are an inestimable resource of knowledge and documentation in all aspects of HR. From policy writing to job descriptions or checklists, when the time comes to implement new regulations, their website is always up-to-date, complete, and user friendly. I would recommend HRdownloads to any organization, big or small.

- Louise Drouin, Atlific, Inc.
Thank you for your email and the attachments, HR is a lot of work and HRdownloads makes my job a little easier! Thanks again, I will keep in contact.

- Alvin Nelson, Gingolx Village Government
When I first signed up with HRdownloads and I was told "Welcome to the team". I have to say that I was skeptical, but that's exactly what happened. We became a team...I have support beyond what I ever could have imagined. An HR professional always has time to call and always has time to talk. If I need information or documentation they make sure I have it almost immediately.

- Roberta Collen, Human Resources Manager, Coast To Coast Dealer Services Inc.
Wow! You did it again. I just received the email regarding the Progressive Discipline Policy and related documents. You nailed it!! This is a huge issue for me being the ONLY HR person in the company. We keep getting ourselves in hot water and the managers/supervisors really don't know how to handle discipline. I have had this policy on my "to-do" list for over a year.

- Shirley Howald, Human Resources Manager, Expocrete Concrete Products Ltd.
I would highly recommend HRdownloads. Not only do they provide valuable products but their level of service is amazing! If you are not a member, join!

- Tammy, Genalta Power, Calgary
I would just like for you to pass on our thanks to all the great people at HRdownloads. You all are a wealth of knowledge and we are proud to work with all of you. Thank you.

- Sioux Thibodeau, Merit Glass
I am already a member, and I absolutely LOVE this service. I am a one person HR department and I use HRdownloads more than any other HR Service I have ever had! Thank you for making my life easier.

- Donna Matys, Interfast Inc
I just wanted to mention that I received a sample of the Fit for Duty policy within 10 minutes of our conversation which was amazing. We looked over it and were able to implement it shortly after we finished some minor modifications. I certainly appreciate the help you and your team are providing. Thank you. You easily saved us days' worth of work in a 10 minute call.

- Jakob Hein, Mobile Augers and Research Ltd
The MOL randomly ended up on our doorstep on the hottest day in July. With the assistance of HRdownloads, we were prepared with policies and training in Bill 168. If you aren't up to speed yet with Bill 168, call HRd today! MOL could end up on your doorstep tomorrow! Thank you HRdownloads for the fantastic product and services you offer! It's like having another Associate in my department!

- Becky Torio, Olsen Europe
It was ever so pleasant and informative, speaking with you just now. I don't feel quite as lonely in my role with Policy and Procedures work. If some new requirement comes out the response is "Give it to Dan" to write up and train, but rarely do I have anybody to bounce ideas off of. You and HRdownloads, on the other hand, offer me that.

- Daniel Holmes, Community Emergency Management Coordinator, Township of Champlain
HRdownloads was my best investment last year and will be this year as well!

- Roslyn Kaman, Chief Financial Officer/Human Resources, Miles Nadal JCC
HRdownloads provides a tremendous line of products and great service for the price. As a sole HR professional at my workplace I have found the online resources have saved me considerable time allowing me to put my efforts into other needed areas of my work. The staff are knowledgeable and are very focused on making sure the product continues to evolve and meet changing customer needs.

- Rod Friesen, CHRP, Director of Human Resources, Waterloo Regional Homes For Mental Health Inc.