Time and Attendance

Manage time-off requests and employee schedules easily with our flexible and easy-to-use Time and Attendance platform.

Track and schedule employee time

Say goodbye to e-mail threads, Excel spreadsheet, and verbal agreements. Start keeping track of shifts, schedules, and attendance in one easy-to-use system.

Gain back time

Schedule, manage, and analyse all in one system. Lose your wallet, lose your keys, but never lose track of time again!

Manage shifts online

Spare yourself the headache of managing availability and changing shifts by letting your team handle it themselves–with your approval, of course.

Discover cost-saving opportunities

With its robust reporting tools, Time and Attendance can help you find lost time and save money.

See the bigger picture with the online scheduling tool

Schedule employee shifts in a team calendar. You’ll receive warnings if you try to book an employee on an approved day off or over your maximum hour limits. Save it all in a shared calendar and use different viewing options to make sure you’ve got everything covered.

Manage time-off requests and send e-mail notifications right to employees

Manage requests and notify employees so they don't miss a thing. Track the time employees have worked and time off taken with detailed reports. You can even choose to let employees view their own time-off banks and usage statistics.

Time and Attendance is coming soon!

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HR Fundamentals®

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Online Employee Training

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Policy Manual Wizard

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Surveys and Forms

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HR Complete®

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