Built on Great People

Built on Great People

Canadian HR company wins YW's annual Thrive award

HRdownloads, a Human Resources Research and Advisory Firm based in London, Ontario, was one of our annual Top Workplaces Where Employees Thrive Award winners last week, presented at the Great Place to Work® Institute awards gala in Toronto. The award is given to workplaces that embody five criteria: trust, collaborative dialogue, clear outcomes, tolerance and teamwork. And trust was certainly a buzz word at this year's event.

"A big part of conveying trust is being transparent," says HRdownloads founder Tony Boyle, President and CEO. Boyle prides himself on his "unorthodox" approach to managing staff. Employees work on a performance-based pay system. At the end of each month employees are given a report card and a clear snapshot as to where they have done well and how they can improve. "We've eliminated the lack of data to move up in the company," he says. In other words, employees have no resentment over those who move up the ladder, because they know it's well-earned.

Choose your own incentive

HRdownloads endorses that having fun at work is part of its business model

Employees have the opportunity to give feedback through comment cards, and they are offered lucrative incentives above and beyond their pay bonuses, such as scooters, IPads, laptops, trips to Mexico, white-water rafting trips. Giving employees a strong voice "is what separates us from other call centres," says Boyle.

The company's Social Planning Committee is in charge of staff events and activities to help boost morale and create a trusting, team atmosphere. "This company was built based on great people," he says. "I know every one of my employees, and every door is open."

HRdownloads was created to be not only a great place for Londoners to work in Ontario, but also as a Canadian-specific service. "We keep in mind provincial legislation that applies to every workplace," says Boyle. As one of the fastest-growing HR Research companies in Canada, they aim to be the largest HR web site for documentation. "Every single HR instance has to start with documentation. If you're not documenting it, you're not moving towards the goal of correcting it."

The company provides HR professionals and small businesses with tools and information to manage human capital. One of the first things Boyle did was to make it clear they do not market to the masses. "We give clients one-on-one time with industry experts to create completely unique documents based on their needs today." The company has just as many sales employees as they do customer service employees. "Every single E-mail is answered with a phone call. You get a live account manager with every single client."

So if trust is what's it's all about, they will certainly "thrive" inside and outside the organization in our view!

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