London's HRdownloads celebrates milestone with 5000 clients

London's HRdownloads celebrates milestone with 5000 clients.

Local London Business, HRdownloads Inc. celebrated a milestone of 5,000 Canadian clients in February, 2011. HRdownloads is an HR research and advisory firm for Canadian organizations that provides access to HR documentation such as policies, tools, best-practice guides and templates. These resources provide for proper planning and execution of Human Resources activities. On-demand advisory services steer clients through HR and employee relations, at a cost that is a fraction of traditional consulting fees. 

HRdownloads provides the majority of its services online and over the phone. The time and cost savings are reflected directly on membership pricing, making the service attainable even by small business owners. This new concept of HR support, which gives instant access to information, has rapidly gained popularity among organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small not-for-profit projects. 

Another factor that has contributed to HRdownloads’ extensive demand today is that, in 2010, HRdownloads continued to improve its offering by launching several additional services such as online employee surveys and training. Online training is a prime example of the collaborative approach that HRd embraces. The training service was developed to meet a specific client need when organizations faced a regulatory roll-out of Bill 168. HRdownloads then made the Bill 168 training available to all other members and continues to develop a line of valuable online training modules that provide a functional and practical approach to key human resources topics. 

Our client needs vary greatly, and as an example, for some members we provide assistance with recruitment strategy development and to others we write custom, on-demand policies. Our client-driven approach allows us to produce high-demand, and highly relevant, content and services”, said Tony Boyle, President and founder. 

About HRdownloads Inc. 

HRdownloads is a privately held company that was founded in London, Ontario in 2005 and it launched its services in 2008. HRdownloads’ services are designed to ensure members can save time, money, govern effectively and adhere to employee regulations by utilizing knowledge, documentation and advice from HRdownloads.