Tony Boyle standing infront of an HRdownloads sign with a skateboard

Riding the Wave

Two years after its inception, a one-stop online shop becomes Canada's fastest growing HR firm

Aug 5, 2010: THE LOADED DERVISH longboard perched in the corner gives the first clue that Anthony Boyle may not be your typical CEO. The souped-up skateboard serves as Boyle's preferred method of transportation, when he's not riding a motorcycle that is. Boyle's love of speed is reflected in his company's extraordinary growth. HRdownloads Inc. opened its doors in 2008 with Boyle and business partner Matt Telford manning the phones. Today it is the fastest growing human resources firm in Canada, employing a team of more than 40 sales representatives, researchers, writers and certified HR professionals. More than 3,500 organizations across Canada have already signed up for access in 2008.

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