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Many business owners freeze before they make a major decision. It’s no wonder! Laws and regulations can be intimidating topics. What are your rights as a business owner, and what are the rights of your employees? What is the most ethical decision to make? Not knowing can be exhausting and stressful and can stop progress in its tracks.

HelloHR was designed with YOU in mind. We will help you curate content that works for both your bottom line and your employees while remaining compliant.

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Every business needs a solid and compliant foundation. That is why our proprietary HelloHR First-Year Plan is so vital.

From our in-depth welcome call to our compliance plan approvals and training, each step of our First-Year Plan moves you toward an unshakable foundation designed to propel your business forward.

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Getting compliant is only half the battle. Staying compliant requires rigorous monitoring. We don’t expect you to do that AND run your business. We do that for you, but understanding these changes is vital for business owners and managers.

That’s why, in addition to automatically updating policy documents and manuals, employee onboarding, employee training, and your HR resources with the required updates, we also do a yearly planning call to highlight important issues. What does that mean for you? Peace of mind.

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Not many can say they are passionate about HR regulations. We are among the few and proud, and we’re on a mission to help Canadian businesses stay compliant.

With that vision in mind, we have committed to making compliance affordable for businesses of all sizes and means.

“When I started my new job at SJC, one of my first steps was to gain approval for my HRdownloads subscription, my one-stop shop.”

Diane Slater, Corporate VP HR | St. Joseph Communications

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Our elite team of HR consultants is wildly passionate about helping businesses accomplish their goals. Efficiency and compliance are our middle names! With specialized skills and years of experience, we want to partner with businesses to drive them to their end goals.
We don’t want to meet your expectations. We want to crush them.

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  • I have recommended HRdownloads to multiple colleagues at start-ups and larger organizations who don’t have the infrastructure built or are looking for simpler HR solutions.

    Diane Slater | Corporate VP of HR St. Joseph’s Communications
  • Professional, timely, and personable. Consultants are knowledgeable and amenable to support area of needs.

    Wendy Lau | Executive Director Leads
    Employment Services
  • The quality and timely service and support received from HRdownloads was superior to many service providers I have used in the past.

    Bruce Baker, MA, CP | HR Director Wajax Equipment
  • HRdownloads staff and resources has provided our company with a one stop shopping for all our HR requirements. We enjoy the ease of their training modules, documents, manuals and their knowledgeable advisor support.

    Ed Legg | Operations BriteSpan Building Systems of Ontario
  • The service, support, available information and documents are exceptional. A definite asset to any company or organization.

    Tammy Hehn | Director of Care Access Health Care Services Inc.