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Who’s the Boss? How to Prepare New Supervisors for Success

April 05, 2018

The first time someone becomes a supervisor, they’re likely to be overwhelmed by how different a supervisory position is from their former job. While other kinds of promotion can require workers to pick up new skills, generally within the same field as before, becoming a supervisor often means largely giving up the work one used to do, and suddenly encountering many new responsibilities. Without appropriate preparation, many new supervisors struggle to maintain their accustomed level of achievement. This can lead to serious feelings of frustration if they haven’t been properly prepared for the new role, or if they feel unsupported in and unsuited for the job.

But management is a skill that can be taught like any other, and with planning and preparation, organizations can ensure that their candidates for supervisory roles are ready for their new positions. Providing a comprehensive training program is the most effective way to help new supervisors succeed. With training, you can ensure that new supervisors are not only aware of the new roles and responsibilities that come with their position, but that they know how to meet the challenges they will face.

Companies generally promote people for having exceptional skill or showing great promise, so it’s important to ensure that they retain those skilled workers, and make the most of their talents. Allowing new supervisors to falter and fail from a lack of coordinated and useful training is an easy error to fix. Supervisors need support like any other employee, but may find it harder to receive the help they require with all of the other competing demands on their time.

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