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Targeting Soft Skills - The Benefits of Hiring Well-Rounded Applicants

January 23, 2017

The traditional approach to recruitment used by many companies has been to focus almost exclusively on the essential technical skills applicants need to do the job they were hired for. After all, targeting specific technical skills is essential in order to ensure that your employees are competent in their roles. This approach isn’t in itself wrong—but what about soft skills? Most positions demand more than just the basic ability to perform the task.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, ensuring that employees have the right mix of skills is often fundamental to a company’s continued competitiveness. It is important that employees are able to perform their jobs competently in the present, but equally important is how they will perform down the road. By targeting more than just the essential skills needed for an individual to perform the job they are hired for, you increase the chances they will remain valuable contributors to your business even if circumstances change. For this reason a recent recruitment trend has emerged towards placing increased value on examining soft skills in addition to technical skills, and it may benefit you to do the same.

Soft skills may be easy to overlook when determining what to value in a job applicant, but hiring individuals with well-developed soft skills can add significant value to your company. Including soft skills in the attributes you look for in new recruits doesn’t mean that you should discount the importance of the technical skills they need to perform the job they are being hired for. Rather, a balanced approach is preferable. Finding that perfect mix can be challenging, but with a thoroughly planned and executed approach, you can use strategic hiring practices to boost your company’s performance and long-term competitiveness. So, how do you do this?

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