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Statutes and Legislation: Understanding How Laws Are Made

September 26, 2019

Much like the beloved childhood game snakes and ladders, the legislative process can be a difficult uphill climb that leaves you uncertain of where you stand. A lot of work goes into creating and passing acts, and both the process and the language describing it can be complicated and confusing.

As an employer, compliance with the laws that apply to your organization should be a top priority. Understanding how legislation works will help you keep informed of your responsibilities and avoid making mistakes that could get your business in trouble. As an employer, you have lots to do and limited time to do it.

Staying ahead of legislative changes can help you better allocate time and resources to address those changes as they occur. However, getting too far ahead of the game by implementing changes from a bill that hasn’t been passed or come into effect can hurt your business, and waste time and resources despite your good intentions. Knowing when changes come into effect is key to remaining compliant, but it isn’t always clear exactly when that is. What if it’s a bill? What’s Royal Assent? What about a regulation? What are orders in council, anyway?

Keeping up to date with legislative changes can be a challenging and time-consuming task without proper understanding of the process. To help you better understand the process and clarify some of the mysteries, we have created a FREE Statutes and Legislation Guide to help you understand how legislation is passed and when your organization needs to make changes to be compliant. Please note, this is a general guideline of the process from the time a bill is introduced until it becomes a law, and does not directly refer to any specific piece of legislation.

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