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Saying Goodbye to 2020 (and Managing Expectations for 2021)!

January 07, 2021

2020 was, well, challenging to say the least. Even if the COVID-19 pandemic hadn’t occurred and shut down the world’s economies, there were still widespread natural disasters and profound civil unrest. Consequently, many of us were counting the days to January 1, 2021, eager to finally call an end to the hectic, frustrating, bewildering, and occasionally desperate year.

While a new year sounds promising, you may want to brace yourself for disappointment. Many of the stressors that made 2020 so exhausting and endless will continue well into 2021. But don’t give up hope yet! Managing your expectations for yourself and your team is the first step towards a successful new year.

Consider the pandemic, for instance. The first rounds of the vaccine have been delivered, but they are not widely available to the public, and even in the best-case scenario, it could still take most of the year before vaccination rates are high enough to fully roll back other preventive measures. In other words, we might all still be wearing masks and navigating limited lockdowns this summer. We all hope the end of these disruptions and devastating losses of life comes soon, but it’d be irresponsible of us not to prepare for the alternative.

Likewise, Canada might have been mostly spared from the apocalyptic natural disasters of 2020, but there have been enough fires, floods, blizzards, and heat waves in recent years that we should all know better than to be complacent. We might be lucky again in 2021, but disasters like these are virtually certain to affect Canadian employers and workers in the coming years. Again, it’s important to be prepared because emergency situations outside the pandemic are still possible.

Finally, though the specific tragedies that prompted international protests in 2020 mostly happened in the United States, Canada is not immune to those same pressures. This country has its own continuing history of inequality, discrimination, and prejudice, and though none of us like to believe it about our own workplaces, the fact remains that many Canadians face discrimination at work. These issues won’t suddenly disappear in 2021, meaning we all have to continue working hard to make this country live up to its promises of diversity, equality, and justice.

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While there is the possibility for great things to come in 2021, it’s likely we will continue to see more of the same. We don’t want to be total downers, though, so we’ve put together some suggestions for how you can temper your expectations for the new year without sinking into hopelessness. Download our FREE Guide to Managing Expectations for the New Year, which can help you navigate 2021.

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