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Puff, Puff, Passing Along the Right Information: Addressing Employees’ Cannabis Concerns

November 01, 2018

The changes to cannabis legislation can be confusing and stressful for everyone, whether you felt prepared or not. Recreational cannabis is now legal across Canada, but the work is not over for employers. By now you should have updated your organization’s policies and put provisions in place to address illicit use and impairment at work, but have you thought about what happens when your employees start to indulge in legal cannabis use?

It’s inevitable that some people will start consuming cannabis for recreational use now that it is legal. Most employees can be trusted to abide by the rules, so legalization doesn’t necessarily mean employees will suddenly start showing up high on the job. While the main concern for most employers is intoxication and impairment, have you considered some of the questions that may be on your employees’ minds surrounding cannabis? You may be ready to deal with cannabis, but chances are your employees have a whole bunch of questions beyond whether or not to come to work high.

Workplaces should be prepared to incorporate the new cannabis legislation into policies, and you’ve probably started to see how cannabis can sneak into areas you hadn’t even thought of. For example, during the holiday season, employees might want to bring cannabis into the workplace for gift exchanges or for celebrating. Should you allow them to?

Keep in mind, cannabis legalization is new to everyone. There are likely a lot of questions coming up regarding the rules for the workplace. Having a good understanding of the laws for your jurisdiction and determining what your organization will allow in your workplace can help when addressing the questions and issues that arise.

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