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Pitfalls and Overhauls: Avoiding Mistakes in Recognition Programs

May 17, 2018

“Recognition is the greatest motivator.” —Gerald C. Eakerdale

Most employers understand the importance of employee recognition programs. Increased engagement, productivity, and overall satisfaction in the workplace are just a few of the benefits of embracing employee recognition. Studies have shown that 69% of employees would work harder if they were better appreciated. So why doesn’t every employee recognition program dramatically increase morale? Why hasn’t productivity increased after you’ve handed out awards to your employees?

While recognition programs can have significant organizational benefits, they may be ineffective—or even detrimental—if not carried out properly. Nobody enjoys seeing the same person rewarded over and over again when other staff feel like they have made equally important contributions. Does one department tend to get recognized more than another, whether on purpose or through convenience? While employee recognition programs are an important aspect of creating a positive work culture and improving employee engagement, they are also very complicated tools that require significant thought and planning.

How awards are distributed and why have a major effect on your employee recognition program. Planning needs to take place to avoid mistakes and accomplish the recognition program’s goals and objectives. For example, is attendance really something your organization should reward if you also encourage employees to take time off when sick?

Creating a successful employee recognition program requires taking into many factors. Most employers are good with the basics, but often make some crucial mistakes that prevent their program from reaching its full potential. We’ve identified some of the pitfalls associated with administering employee recognition programs; now learn how to avoid them so you can get the most out of your program and your employees.

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