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Mental Health First Aid: Are You Prepared?

September 27, 2018

An employee asks to speak with you. They are sweating, having trouble breathing, and teary-eyed. They disclose they're having an anxiety attack, and they feel as though their heart will jump out of their chest. What would you do?

Not all leaders or employees can confidently say how they would respond in this situation. However, with the increased visibility of mental illness in the workplace and chronic mental stress changing the adjudication of workers' compensation board claims, employers need to be proactive and prepared to respond immediately if an employee has a mental health crisis in the workplace.

In our scenario above, the employee shows some symptoms associated with an anxiety attack. Our best practice guide outlines some of the steps you can take when faced with a similar situation. Keep in mind mental illness is a very broad term, encompassing many diagnoses with varying severities. If you are aware of an employee with a specific mental illness which they have chosen to disclose, ask the employee how you can help them in case an incident arises. However, while best practice would be to have identified and implemented supports before any incident, this isn't always possible.

Please note: this guide cannot and should not replace the advice of a mental health professional.

Although our guide is necessarily narrow in its focus, it bears remembering how broad and prevalent mental health issues are in Canada. Knowing what to do when a situation occurs can make all the difference. Download our FREE Mental Health First Aid Guide, which will provide you with tips to consider when you believe a co-worker is struggling or in crisis.

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