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Make ’Em, Don’t Break ’Em! Keep Up with Your HR Resolutions

February 01, 2018

Every New Year’s Eve, as the ball drops in Times Square and fireworks erupt over Parliament Hill, people make resolutions. Most people make these resolutions with a true desire to make them happen and the initial drive to succeed. However, the unfortunate truth about resolutions is they are usually easier to make than keep. In fact, studies show only 8% of people keep their personal New Year’s resolutions, and that is understandable. Keeping resolutions is not easy; unexpected obstacles may arise, and delays can occur without warning. Although all resolutions start with good intentions, by the middle of February, it’s not uncommon for these resolutions to be forgotten.

2018 looks to be a year of major change across the country for employers. With the important legislation now in effect, your 2018 HR resolutions may be more than just ‘nice to do’ items. Not keeping up with proper human resources practices can lead to low employee morale, high turnover, and a poor organizational culture. In addition, noncompliance can have financial consequences. Needless to say, failing to meet your HR goals can have a significant effect on your workplace. Managing day-to-day human resources functions can be difficult enough without having to account for compliance changes and other requirements.

Imagine a 2018 where you can interact more with staff, and where your confidence in your legislative compliance has never been higher. By keeping things simple and selecting important but attainable goals, what seems like an overwhelming year will become a year of major HR successes. As every HR professional knows, time is a scarce resource. So how can you create time in 2018?

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