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It’s Time to Up Your Training Game: Getting Employees Engaged in Training

July 04, 2019

Have you ever been involved in workplace training with a group of employees and felt the energy in the room slowly decrease? The trainees’ eyes glaze over, their attention shifts elsewhere, and soon the room might as well be empty for all the good the training is doing. It’s a situation that most of us have experienced, whether from the perspective of the trainer or the trainee.

The memory of sitting in a room listening to a monotonous presenter might come to mind, or images of PowerPoint presentations filled with outdated clip art and big, boring blocks of text. The trainee might manage to pick up a few facts, but are they really learning? The good news is, training doesn’t have to be this way anymore!

New methods of delivering training, such as interactive online modules, have helped to make training more effective and less boring than ever. The ultimate goal of these methods is to improve employee engagement with the content, increase knowledge transfer, and reduce administrative burdens and costs for the organization.

Providing online interactive training is one way you can get trainees engaged with the content and ensure that active learning occurs. Instead of just presenting information to an employee, you can have them interact with the content, which increases their retention of the knowledge being presented. Interactive elements like review questions and scenarios help keep trainees’ minds active, and encourage them to think critically about the content. Providing training with these attributes can contribute to more positive perceptions of training, as well as increased willingness to participate.

Beyond just changing the delivery method, you can also take action to ensure training achieves its objectives, whether that is providing employees with core information that is essential to their job, improving their existing skills, or learning new skills. By choosing more engaging methods, you can ensure your organization gets the value out of training that they expect.

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