Health and safety

Health and Safety How-To: The Basic Elements of Compliance

January 09, 2020

Health and safety are essential in all workplaces, and everyone from the owner of the company to middle management to frontline employees plays an important role. Since the topic of workplace health and safety is broad, there are many different aspects to focus on, and implementing it can get confusing. So what exactly do we mean by health and safety? What do they entail from a human resources or management perspective?

Health and safety generally mean the occupational practices of ensuring the safety and health of employees at work through programs, policies, and practices. Each jurisdiction across Canada has its own legislation for occupational health and safety, which outlines responsibilities and minimum practices employers must have in place to prevent accidents and diseases. These initiatives can be very different depending on the workplace and industry, as some workplaces may naturally pose more health and safety risks to their employees.

Knowing where to start to ensure your employees are safe and healthy while at work may seem like a daunting task, but there are some key areas to consider. Download our Health and Safety Compliance Guide, where we’ve laid out a basic list of areas to address to help you start on health and safety initiatives.