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Happy Holi-daze: Cannabis at Your Holiday Parties

November 29, 2018

With the recent legalization of cannabis, questions may begin to arise around your office this holiday season. You are likely aware of the benefits and drawbacks of planning and hosting a company event. Many employers and HR professionals are also aware of the liability issues and dangers of serving alcohol to employees. As a responsible and forward-thinking company, you may already have policies in place regarding company events. However, employers will need to evaluate whether and how cannabis will be incorporated into their company event policies.

For the first time, recreational cannabis is legal for this year’s holiday festivities, company events, and parties. The challenge for employers will be to identify the unique ways that cannabis may factor into these company events. The legislation is still new, but this article helps guide HR professionals in the right direction toward handling legalized cannabis at company events.

It’s important to remember that if you currently have sound company policies and guidelines relating to company events in place, then you are well on your way to achieving preparedness for recreational cannabis at company events.

Though it may seem simple to continue to ban cannabis from events, or to prohibit those who are under the influence from attending, companies must take into account that cannabis use is legal, and a portion of their workforce may take advantage of the new freedom.

Organizations must decide how they feel about cannabis and make a decision that could affect their company’s culture. Will it be allowed for holiday gift giving? For consumption during the event, much like alcohol? What about if the holiday party is after hours? These are just a few of the many questions to consider before your holiday events this year.

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