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Get Up to Speed – How to Drive HR with Easy Tech Solutions

September 14, 2017

Technology is all around us. It influences our everyday experiences and has made its way into almost every aspect of our lives. It saves us time on many tasks, freeing us up for other priorities, and has led to an expectation for digital solutions. As technology has rapidly altered most aspects of our personal lives, it has also altered the employee experience. Employees and job seekers increasingly value HR processes that keep pace with the customization and ease of access to which they’ve grown accustomed outside of the office. Employees are the engine of any organization, and they are driving HR’s digital evolution. In addition, by streamlining the management and delivery of HR content, paperless and customizable digital HR solutions help small business owners dedicate more time to those in-person interactions that deepen and develop employee engagement by freeing up time previously spent administering processes.

In fact, studies show that members of Generation Z, the latest cohort to enter the workplace, crave face-to-face time with their employers. Adopting digital HR tools that facilitate this communication can help attract tomorrow’s top talent. In response to these changing preferences, organizations are trying to keep up. According to Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report, 56% of companies surveyed said they are changing their HR programs to mobilize the opportunities offered by advances in digital applications. And they’re not just for big businesses, either. Small and medium-sized organizations can also rev up their productivity and employee engagement by using these tools, which are often easier to implement than you might think.

Despite these benefits, some employers remain uncertain about how to proceed with the selection and implementation of digital HR tools, or assume the technology available is too complex for small and medium-sized organizations. Other employers may have questions about information security and protecting their employees’ privacy. While planning can alleviate many of these concerns, a second study by Deloitte reports that 85% of those companies looking to develop their digital toolbox do not have a clear strategy in place.

While change can be unsettling, digital HR solutions provide an opportunity to put the “human” back in human resources by liberating employers and HR professionals from time-consuming tasks in organizations of all sizes. Download our FREE Digital HR Guide to help you create a strategy to ensure you find a digital HR solution that meets your organization’s needs and powers your team forward into the future.

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