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Don’t ‘Leave’ Them in the Lurch: Helping an Employee Return from Leave

August 08, 2019

Sometimes life gets in the way, and employees have to step away from work to devote their time to an illness, a family member, or something else. Whatever your jurisdiction, legislation offers protected leaves for a variety of needs so that employees can tend to their lives without sacrificing their jobs. These leaves generally include maternity or parental leave, various kinds of sick leave, bereavement leave, depending on the jurisdiction.

Not only are leaves legislatively required, they can also offer many benefits for your organization. Allowing employees time off can reduce unplanned absences and improve morale, which boosts retention rates. Productivity is another major benefit, with 89% of companies allowing paid time off reporting a positive effect in overall productivity as reported by Business.com. A study by Business Wire found that 58% of workers want paid family leave from their employers, outranking the demand for other popular perks.

It’s easy to see why allowing for this time off is worth it, even if legislation didn’t make it mandatory. You don’t even need to stress about figuring out how much time to give or how to determine who qualifies for the leave, as legislation lays out those specifics. Sometimes deciphering the legislation can feel overwhelming, but it’s important to understand the requirements.

When it comes to how to effectively welcome employees back from leave, the legislation provides little guidance. There are some things you need to keep in mind when employees make their way back to work. Download our FREE Welcoming Employees Back from a Leave Guide, which will help you bridge the gap between legislated leave and workplace welcome.

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