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Don’t Get That Summertime Sadness: How to End Summer Contracts

September 05, 2019

The end of warmer weather may be fast approaching, but don’t let the end-of-summer blues distract you from sending off your seasonal employees with a bang. Many employers know that summertime and seasonal contracts are the perfect way to meet business deadlines and ensure coverage for permanent employees’ vacation time during peak seasons.

Despite how important these employees are to organizations, they are often forgotten or their efforts are neglected, and they are rushed out the door as fast as they were brought in. Failing to recognize these temporary employees before they leave is a mistake many organizations make that could be costing you time and resources.

Devoting more attention to how you offboard temporary employees can persuade such employees to consider your company for future employment opportunities or become brand ambassadors for your organization. Leaving a positive final impression can speak volumes about your company and stick with the outgoing employee for years to come. Employees can recommend your company as a choice employer online, to friends, family, and future colleagues. Making employees feel valued, even if they are leaving your company, promotes your company image and can protect you from a bad review.

If that hasn’t convinced you that devoting effort to offboarding summer employees is worthwhile, the numbers might. The SHRM Benchmarking Database reports that the cost of recruiting new employees on average can range between $1,000 and $6,000, depending on the industry and skill level required for the job. The costs associated with hiring add up quickly when you consider advertising fees, referral or sign-on bonuses, and the time spent searching for and interviewing potential candidates—and that doesn’t include the money lost while that position is vacant. The 2017 Training Industry Report revealed that companies spend on average $1,000 on training employees once they’ve been hired. Your time is valuable and translates directly into dollars when it comes to work. Leaving a positive last impression can persuade temporary employees to return for future employment opportunities with your company, which can drastically cut down those costs and improve your return on investment.

Protecting your reputation as an employer is an important piece in the overall brand puzzle. Download our FREE Seasonal Employee Offboarding Guide, which provides easy-to-implement steps to offboarding temporary staff in a meaningful way, encouraging them to return to your company, and protecting your company image.

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