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Lessons from Past Pandemics, Part 3: Acting with Purpose

April 24, 2020

Big or small, your contributions are important. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have done amazing things to help. From making masks to transitioning employees to working remotely for the first time, everything Canadian business can do to help each other matters.

So you may be asking right now, what can my organization do to help others during this pandemic?

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”
—Mark Twain

We’ve heard sayings like this time and again about the importance of learning from history. It’s true, though, that in times of peace and security, we easily forget what it feels like to be in a crisis. This forgetfulness hurts us when crises inevitably arise again: the successes and failures of the past help us make better choices about our uncertain future.

Learning from the past is easier with a guide, so we’ve put together a few video lessons about past global outbreaks and what they teach us for today.

In the third video of our series, we look at how to act with purpose during the COVID-19 pandemic. We examine how companies acted during past global outbreaks and how they’re responding to the current crisis. We then offer recommendations on how you and your organization should act both during and after the coronavirus pandemic.



In times like these, it’s always great to see support for local businesses. As the video mentions, we’ve given some great examples and tips in one of our recent blogs: How to partner locally and give back during uncertain times. Could your organization help out other local businesses? You can typically find out more on your municipality’s website or by looking up local businesses on social media.

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