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Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Involvement is ‘Good Business’

May 13, 2021

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, community involvement matters. There are many tangible and intangible benefits to supporting your community as a business, including marketing perks, standing out in the recruitment process, and networking. Not to mention all the good you’re doing for incredible organizations! Let’s dig deeper into why corporate social responsibility is so important to your growing business.

Why is helping the community important as a business?

No organization exists apart from its community. It’s almost a certainty that you have clients, suppliers, or vendors among your community, and of course, your employees are part of the community, too. Your employees could be involved in groups or organizations that do good work in the community, or they just generally care about where they live. It matters to your current employees (and potential ones!) whom you support and what you do to give back, it’s usually part of what makes them proud to work for you.

Corporate social responsibility is more than a slogan. It represents a broadening recognition that the influence organizations have in their communities should be used thoughtfully, generously, and for the betterment of those communities. Employees increasingly expect their employers to be conscientious in how they do business and with whom, and in extreme cases have staged walkouts and other forms of protest to make their opinions known. These actions demonstrate the intensity of engagement employees feel in their work and the effects that work has, so harness it.

Working with community organization also extends your reach for both marketing and networking purposes. When posts are shared on social media or announcements are made on websites, you extend your exposure to their audience and vice versa. Potential customers may be out there, and you’ll gain their attention by supporting the organizations they support and love. Plus, your audience may be willing to support the charitable organization with you. It’s a win-win!

How can I help my community as a business?

We understand you may not be able to commit to large donations or add-in programs overnight. Start small and do what you can. Whether that’s allowing employees to take time to volunteer, sponsoring an event, making a one-time donation, or working with a local charity to find out their needs. Everything you do makes a difference, so we’ve put together some advice on how you can get started. Download our FREE Companies Supporting the Community Guide today!

HRdownloads supports our community through HRdonates

At HRdownloads, we believe that a team builds a company and a company builds a community. We value the importance of giving back to the community which has supported us so much over the years. That’s why we created our community initiative, HRdonates. Each month, we’ll donate a guaranteed $1,000 to a deserving organization in our community. But that’s not all! we’ll also match donations made to our organization of the month up to an additional $2,000. We’re so proud of the organizations we’ve been able to support so far and we’re looking forward to supporting many more!

You’ll find featured non-profit organizations on our social media, so make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get the announcements! You can also find the full story of why we created HRdonates and how you can help, here:


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