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Changing the Way We Work: How and When to Create a New Role in Your Organization

June 22, 2020

In response to COVID-19, businesses across Canada have had to make some drastic changes to how they operate. While some organizations had to completely close down, others found ways to keep some elements of the business running and do what was necessary for the company to survive.

Restrictions on what could remain open and social distancing measures disrupted typical operations, but with restrictions easing and many Canadians back at work, new positions in your organization could be required.

While it has definitely not been business as usual for most, organizations are getting creative and shifting their offerings, adjusting the services they provide, or even changing what their business stands for altogether and using their abilities, technology, infrastructure, and expertise to provide products, services, and employment during these uncertain times.

Tech companies and automotive giants have switched gears from manufacturing electronics and vehicles to using their facilities and production lines to create much needed medical and protective equipment for healthcare workers and first responders. Fitness clubs and gyms are making their programs, classes, and personal training available virtually.

The hospitality industry, which typically relies on in-house dining for most revenue, and has been one of the hardest hit sectors during this time, but they are also adapting to the current environment. As people reduced their number of trips to the grocery store, and the demand for food delivery skyrocketed, many restaurants now offer porch drop-off, carryout, and curbside pickup options from their menu, and some even include grocery items in their selections.

The need for these products and services is not only transforming how businesses run but altering how work is performed.

Whether you only need to make a slight shift or completely rethink how you do business, understanding the need to change operations also includes identifying who will perform these new tasks, recognizing the need for people to do these jobs, and even creating new job duties and positions.

Aside from shifting operations, when normal operations resume there will likely be an increased demand for new health and safety positions. For example, this article from CTV news suggests some organizations are looking to hire “heath and safety administration” roles to help with the demand for increased safety measures.

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