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If You Build It, Will They Come? Building a Workplace Wellness Program That Employees Actually Use

September 13, 2018

One of the most common tactics for employers to distinguish themselves from competitors is a workplace wellness program, although in the arms race of the so-called ‘war’ for talent, merely having such a program isn’t enough. By now, having a workplace wellness program of some kind is largely expected—the real distinction is what the program offers employees. Not every employer can offer an onsite gym or catered healthy lunches. Then again, not every employer should.

Gym facilities and catering healthy lunches are just two of many examples some companies choose to implement. Other companies choose to provide gym memberships or wellness centre memberships to support employees’ health. Wellness programs are often confused with benefits programs but they are, in fact, very different. Wellness programs offer employees perks that proactively support employee health. Offering these types of perks to employees can help attract and retain talented employees. They can also be a positive influence on the culture of an organization.

When usage rates are low, it’s easy and tempting to conclude that a workplace wellness program isn’t worth the effort, but there are good reasons to believe otherwise. A wellness program doesn’t have to be one specific offering. Wellness can affect multiple dimensions of your employees’ lives—from physical fitness and mental health to finances and nutrition—and employers can choose from a variety of initiatives to find one that works for their resources and meets their employees’ needs. Employees are happier, more productive, and likelier to remain in their jobs when they feel unstressed, confident, and psychologically safe. The pay you offer will seem more competitive when your employees make the most of every dollar.

So with all of these benefits to wellness programs, why aren’t employees using them? Download our FREE Guide to Making the Most of Your Wellness Plan which will include steps to help make sure your employees use your wellness program to its fullest.

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