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Bills, Bills, Bills: Helping Employees Navigate Legislative Changes

January 24, 2019

Implementing organizational change can be a difficult task for employers because employees don’t always welcome change. When implementing change, employers can use various approaches to help smooth the transition. These approaches often involve employees participating in the process, either by asking for their input or having them provide feedback. But what should employers do if the change is motivated by external factors?

Legislation influences all facets of HR: recruitment and selection, compensation, health and safety, labour relations, and so forth. It’s important for employers to be aware of the existing laws that govern the company, as well as proposed amendments and new legislation, as these can be significant external drivers for organizational change.

With the Canadian political landscape being more active in recent years, there have been growing regulatory and compliance considerations for organizations at large. The past year has brought many legislative changes, including the legalization of cannabis and diverse changes to several provinces’ employment standards: for example, Alberta’s Bill 30 and Ontario’s Bill 47. Understandably, legislative changes can be stressful for both employers and employees, especially when a law is quickly amended or repealed, or when a law’s future is in doubt.

To effectively manage legislative changes, employers should develop change management strategies for external factors beyond their control. Change management is a structured approach to preparing for organizational change and helping individuals, teams, and organizations adapt. Change management, when done right, can help you smoothly implement transitions and achieve lasting benefits.

Sometimes, it can feel like legislative changes are completely out of your control. To some extent, this is true, but you can control how your organization prepares for, reacts to, or implements potential changes to workplace legislation. Download our FREE Implementing Legislative Changes Guide, which provides practices to improve external strategy and tips for helping employees navigate legislative changes.

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