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All About Behaviour - Re-engage Employees with Performance Management

October 14, 2016

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” - Maya Angelou

A manager pulls an employee in for an evaluation. Partway through, they can see it is not going well. To help things along, the manager asks the employee, “How do you prefer to receive feedback?” The employee stops, takes a minute to think about it, and responds with a simple and direct “I don’t.” What do you do?

Managers are responsible for the overall performance of their departments. For managers to succeed, employees must be willing to enter into the give-and-take relationship of performance management, where the manager provides direction and feedback, and the employee responds accordingly by changing their behaviour. But, what do managers do when that employee resists participating in the management process? It’s not uncommon for managers to encounter, at some point in their career, employees who are unwilling to be managed. What sets a manager apart is how they approach these problems and find solutions.

Sometimes it’s the case that some employees take feedback better than others. Or, sometimes it’s a matter of the employee not understanding what is expected of them. Regardless of where the undesirable behaviour stems from, an employee’s resistance to being managed can be difficult to overcome, and can have serious consequences in the workplace. The challenge for managers is to redirect unwanted behaviour so that the employee becomes willing to enter or re-enter into the management process.

Addressing specific employee behaviours is one way effective managers facilitate performance management with unwilling employees. Using clear, consistent, and fair communication with an employee can lead to positive results. See what you can do to effectively and successfully change those unwanted behaviours of your employees by downloading HRdownloads' Performance Management Action Plan. 

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